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have you heard of…..the culture war???



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there is a load of bullshit around this stuff obviously

but different kinds of soundsystem can give you new ears, which is a valuable thing, and those high-end ones are very hard to access.

i've heard three top end ones (the in sheeps clothing one which is now gone, the one at clisson gallery the other month which was temporary, the one at public records which is still there but they sort of waste it). they were all memorable music experiences.

but the iration steppas system rewired my ears in the same way and that one is i think not about high fidelity its aiming at something else. soundsystems can have particular effects or maybe more accurately affects. its just we are all generally so tuned into talking about tracks and genres rather than systems.


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My living/listening space is also my studio so there's a pair of low-mid tier Focal studio monitors with Sonarworks room correction. Also have a bunch of room treatment inc. big bass traps in the corners and bumpy foam on the walls. For anyone not into audio nerdery the point of all that is all that when you mix your tracks, what you hear in your studio is neutral as possible so they 'translate' to other systems. In short this makes everything sound tight.

When you get into this stuff and start reading forums, people say over and over that you should get your room sorted first before everything else. Good speakers in a bad room are practically useless to anybody doing serious mixing, because of the way the acoustics will skew your perception of different frequencies due to buildups, standing waves and reflections etc.

But the same applies to home listening, so when you see those crazy 100k systems in rooms that look like they've barely been treated, with bare walls and are often way too small for the speakers you really have to wonder. But it's a certain type who buys that stuff usually innit.

Anyway, good speakers are always a treat.

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isn't the consensus these days that you just want active monitors that'll do a proper job of adapting themselves to the space? seems much more straightforwards than becoming a room treatment expert


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Most regular peeps won't care and be fine. But if you're doing critical listening for production you'll want some treatment. Doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Absorbers are just slabs of rockwool in some easily knocked together wooden frames which you cover with some breathable fabric stapled in place does the job and is pretty much what everyone does. Loads of tutes on yt how to do it.

The bass traps made the biggest difference tho. Can actually mix to a decent degree of translation now even tho I'm in a tiny 12sqm room.


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I was idly wondering the other day if the widespread availability of bass heavy Bluetooth speakers (and headphones) has affected the sort of music thats now popular with the general public