0bleak: Alligator Flavor Crocodile Bile 2 (Tried-and-True Reptile Goo) mix


New mix, Alligator Flavor Crocodile Bile 2 (Tried-and-True Reptile Goo), is available now for streaming and download!

It's a bit of a varied and eclectic multistyle set mixed for adventurous ears, and for those that don't mind a bit of noise.

It's just on soundcloud for now (for both streaming and download), but it will eventually also be made available at the usual spots - hearthis, mixcloud and youtube.

Ourea: Deception at Mekone [Horo]
Serge Geyzel: No Matter How It Starts [Brokntoys]
Ancient Methods: When All Is Said and Done [Ancient Methods]
Ninos du Brasil: Chamada Chinenne [Hospital Productions]
Zaliva-D: Calling [Svbkvlt]
Kahn: Jitters on the Steps of the Odeon [Slack Alice]
Lycurgus: untitled [Panzerkreuz]
ANFS: Salepsa [Horo]
Maenad Veyl: Unhealed [Veyl]
Ice_Eyes x Sueuga: Ruinas Futuras [Arboretum]
Milad Ahmadi: Vaahed [Zabte Sote]
Llimbs: Vessel [Voidance]
Lemna: Metamorphosis [Horo]
Denial of Service: Onryö [FILM]
Killawatt: Cosmic Cogs [Leyla}
Carrier: Threads [47]
Đ.K.: Metal Frames [Worship]
Stave: B5 [Standards & Practices]
CUB: Reason Doesn't Sleep [Osiris Music UK / L.I.E.S.]
Sam KDC: Cycles of Seven [Horo]
Atsushi Izumi: Sylvan Pt. II [Opal Tapes]
ASDA: Spud-U-Like [FuckPunk]
Esplendor Geometrico: 30 Km de Radio (veritatis mix) [Geometrik]
Hegel: Kore et Xion [Yb70]
Orphx: Sau Zuk [Sonic Groove]
DiNT: Skewer (ANFS remix) [Horo]
Karkossyn: Blame Yourself [UVB-76]
Cuvona: Trilanta [Homva]
E-Saggila: Reputation [BANK Records NYC]
Ugandan Speed Trials: untitled [DN]
Kastil & I-Real: Skandha [Stale]
Temp-Illusion: Ray Bloody Purchase [PTP]
Slikback X Shapednoise: XOYSIME [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
Tzusing: ???? ???? [L.I.E.S.]
Maenad Veyl: Out of Sight [Veyl]


This has additionally been made available on HearThis for streaming and/or download at https://hearthis.at/0bleak/0bleak-a...-mix-vol-1-tales-of-scales-and-tails/download
and also on Mixcloud and Youtube for streaming:

Of course it's still available on the Tarantella soundcloud page for streaming and/or download along with a number of great mixes in a variety of styles that you can stream: https://soundcloud.com/tarantella-sound

Parts 3 and 4 have also already been recorded!
More info:
Part 3 gets released in a week on the long-running BRAWLcast from the Digital Distortions label, and I will also upload to it those other platforms so that it can be streamed and/or downloaded from multiple platforms.

Then comes the last Part, #4, released on the legendary Praxis label (!) as part their new mix series. Exciting!