Drum'n'bass 98-99


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Yes, the years Dissensus doesn't like at all, and when it was time to move to UK garage. I'm also one of those who doesn't feel so much those years either, but when I started to listen to dnb/jungle in my teens, this sound was mostly what was available in CDs I bought and radio shows I listened. I mean, I did like it, but I would had rather listened to oldskool jungle/hardcore/happy hc, but I didn't have fast enough internet connection for good D/L back then, and I think I wasn't even aware of vinyl releases nor had the money to buy them overseas, so 98-99 dnb was one of my main sounds. It now has a special place in my heart though, even if it's not my favourite era.

98-99 dnb is widely considered as the dark and 'brockout-less' (or oven bad) years, but what are the good tunes from this period? Post some tunes! Few from '97s if you want, but please keep it mostly 98-99.

Some of my picks ->

Lost gem.

One of the things I loved about this era dnb, was how much some of the tunes had class.

Technical beats without going into the drumfunk territory. Beats with vigilance.

Original Goldie vibe.

There was also this style with nasty distorted wah wah bass guitars.

Dnb for the clubs. Kinda sounds like this could been made in early '00s

Another club-vibed track.

Funky jumpup vibes.

I like how the distorted and warping bassline gives that dnb edge to otherwise jazzy track.

Detuned sub bass roller.



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There are shed loads of good tunes from 1998-99.
I'll post some when I have time to sort through them all.


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This will need some research for me to post as the first few tunes that came to my mind like To Shape The Future or Piper and other Tech Step bangers I thought might have been 1998 are 1997. I always used to play this though, don't think many did.



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Thanks for posting the Sci Clone RMX there — I think it's slightly different from the version that's on Spotify, which is a remaster that ppl in the comments are slagging

I've loved that tune ever since I heard it years and years ago. As a certified #sadboy the chords alone are enough to make me get all misty eyed.

Shame about all the saxophone playing but I'll allow it.