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Don't really like Boiler Room myself. Something lost from it all being on video and people 'filming' on their phone taking selfies, but there's so many of them it's hard to ignore. What are the best ones? I've been watching Intergalactic Gary and it blows my socks off, no way could I tracklist them.


bandz ahoy





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on aNY Friday night IN THE YEAR after this video came out I was buying and insufflating (that's a posh word for "snorting" ) approx 3.5 grams of cyrystal MDMA smuggled in from Amsterdam

no way i could be seen in public, i had eyes like saucers, sweat was pouring from my brow

and this was my "go to" mix

Cajmere - ADE 2012

so many peak moments

the Dutch lady who thinks he may be interested

the "spin back"! @ 40:03 "OK" "vheel up! vheel up!" "who's ready to make some noise!" "oh shit!"

up there with the EZ set ( actually this is really the only boiler room set i 'fuk wit" , EZ is a ty-nee footnote in comparison)


fucking hard house!

when i win the euromillions i may pay him to play the 1 - 2 am slot in my red light strobe lit low ceiling dry ice drenched basement

i can not recommend this enough!

still sends chills up my spine



hard as fuck house

edit: snort at least a gram of pure MDMA and you willl realise that this is the only Boiler Room set worth bothering with, sorry EZ you a small person lol ( edit edt: call the PC POLICE! MACRO AGGRESSION! )

edit: I'm sort of admitting I haD A crystAL MDMA habit for a few years and this was my soundtrack, I'd play this on repeat while i lost gallons in sweat while chopping out and snorting lines

edit: there is a guy in this video and if you've ever seen the last series of Peep Show then you know he was cucked by Jez, lol