How you picture version


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Binary & Tweed
You can imagine all of versions family being exactly like this and he’s there slouching at the far end of the picnic with his hair in front of his eyes only speaking when one of his uncles feins interest and asks him about his ‘techno music’
One of his uncles asks him about his take on UK politics, and version says that its always been that way, like water looking for cracks across the globe.


in je ogen waait de wind
version what is your setup for the euro 2024? are you watching the games on your ipad on the sofa or do you have a big television screen in the garden?


bandz ahoy
Are you a clean organised kind of guy version?

I am shit at hoovering and cleaning generally but I am no longer comfortable with mess


in je ogen waait de wind
do you have a reading chair version? if so what kind? does it have a foot stool? and is it facing the window overlooking the street or the garden? does it have a little coffee table next to it?