Idle Rich's Short Film Night returns in 2024 on Weds Jan 24th


Like it says in the title, we're back with vengeance on January the 24th at Ocio, we're keeping it free entry, the doors will be at 1930 as they always were, and of course Taras, Igor and Idle Rich will bring the heat in the form of weird, obscure, good and, unquestionably, short films.

More details will follow so watch this space, but make sure you keep the 24th of January in your diary and, if you have a friend who is planning to get married or likely to require a funeral soon, you should advise them to steer clear of that date.
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Date - January 24th at seven thirty pm
Venue - Ocio
Entry - free
Guest DJ - 3YES3(Lisbon, Portugal / Novi Sad,Yugoslavia)

Greetings film fans of Lisbon - it’s time for the first film night of 2024. If you’ve been before you know that it’s a big night, it’s the pictures that got small - or rather, they got short and also weird and psychedelic and fucked up and they will take you on a wild ride to the far shores of your consciousness - and hopefully back again too, though I can’t always guarantee that.

As usual it’s free entry from half past seven with the films starting at half eight. Prior to that we have sounds from 3YES3, one of the creators of the DJ/VJ duo Samo sloga (Only harmony) Sound System from Novi Sad, Serbia concentrating on music from ex Yugoslavia avant garde movies.…. See you there, I’m ready for my close-up.



It's tonight see you there chaps...

I do not know why the fuck it won't share the twitter link, it's really weir, it's like it does it and it's loafing fine - thej suddenly at the last minute it's like nope don't think so, and it pretends it ca t find the files it had hold of one second before..

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