Rivers songs playlist


My dad told me when I was about 16 years old "son, I want that song to be played at my funeral". At the first of October of 2020 he passed away. After two years of fighting a brain tumor. I made the captain of the ship (cause it was a sea burial) play this song, when we put him to the sea.


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Had this one in mind, but was also confused about whether row fisherman is on the river or the sea

real rivers merge with the sea, it's all one ever-changing body of water


before someone chimes in with that rubbish tune off the most overrated album

here's the real fisherman tune

Wailing Souls - Row Fisherman Row ( SHAKA MIX )


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Anthony Que – Water of Life

woman "by the river" providing 'water of life"

unfortunately I can't find a full length version of either side on YouTube

promise land riddim

the Sly and Robbie dub is powerful, but it seems you will need to own the 7 inch ( like me! ) to fully appreciate this tune


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so, years ago, I went on about this song in another thread

but this is the ULTIMATE river song

RIVER as spiritual release

RIVER as physical escape

there is a whole "backstory" to this tune, how it was used to warn escapees on the "Underground Railroad' that the search parties were on their trail, how the escaped slaves had to "wade into the water`' to put the search dogs off their scent

Sunset Four - Wade In The Water

^ believe me, I've done my research on this tune, and I think this is the earliest recording ^


I have a, maybe, weird rule where any tune that I post on this forum I must own a physical copy, like if you asked me to play some tunes I would have a carrier bag full of vinyl and CDs, no digital crap *, I'd turn up at your gaff / drum / crib /venue and play shit out of my Tesco bag for life without need for an internet connection or USB plug, no ethernet required. ****

* yeah, I know cd is digital, fuck you pedant

The Charioteers - Wade in The Water

gospel hellfire!

Ella Jenkins - Wade In The Water

^ add some congas! ^

I'm onboard!

Harvey Mandel - Wade In The Water

add strings and acid guitar and congas!


psych breaks!

edit: **** yeah, I'm as mystified as you why I even mentioned my odd and frankly weird self imposed rules and regulations

edit: one of my
weird self imposed rules and regulations is that I should never post on this forum if I have even sniffed a rum, yet I persist in getting absolutely hammered and making the most inappropriate posts so... bad Bill, I break that rule every time I post, I can't remember the last sober post I made on this forum, it might have been 2? years ago?


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i was hoping you'd have some river numbers, maybe you are more of a lakes guy?

I couldn't think of many tunes I properly like to do with fishing. Like both rivers and lakes. Some only like one or the other, and use it as a put down to elevate themselves. Fair enough if that's what they enjoy though.