Lebron James, Jesus Christ, Beyonce, and Messianic figures


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Is Oppenheimer retroactively becoming one of these figures due to the film? Are people making inspirational Oppenheimer memes?

kid charlemagne

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Giving me Darryl by Jackie Ess vibes
“You live vicariously through celebrities, I live vicariously through the guys who fuck my wife. But sure, ok, I’m the weird one. Let me ask you this: do you watch sports at all? I could ask, “what’s the point if you aren’t the one playing?” but it isn’t exactly a fair question.
I think a lot about LeBron James. I can imagine his NBA rings on the bedside table, next to Mindy’s wedding ring and these little antique porcelain ashtrays that Mindy’s mom gave us for our wedding. I’ll bet he’s got a great grip, and big hands that move decisively. A touch with no tickle, no trepidation, no contingency plan, just going to exactly the right place and going straight there. That’s basketball. I’m sure he’s all-around athletic, but for some reason I specifically imagine his hands, moving Mindy around. 6’8”, God.”
Is your life so empty that you honestly can't think of a better way to spend these moments?

Ian Scuffling

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interesting point. part of what i was trying to articulate or ask was regarding the conflict of whether god lives in us through the ecstacy through the other beings he created, or if the second coming is still or never even coming. or maybe is it even not worth thinking about this at all
To the first question I would say yes, but the second question I have no idea. I don't really think about it that metaphysically if that makes sense


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this edit is so fkn good. ive watched it a bunch



Can humanity be transcendent or are we abandoning the transcendent in favour of humanity due to realising these capabilities?
The West is now so much in hock to intentionally limited materalist scientific process that transcendence is ruled out from the get-go. Whereas sporting performances can be witnessed by everybody and are subject to agreed upon measurement and numerification, transcendent events such as spiritual visions, intuited awarenesses, experiences of other modes of existence are dismissed because they are not maximally accessible. Funnily enough, this accessibility is far more demanding than what science requires as evidence: e.g. effective mediumship, telepathy, psychokinesis, presentiment, reincarnation, have all successfully been submitted to standardly rigorous scientific enquiry.


But you know what, sport is still not considered 'objective' enough and we're deluged by an ever-growing mountain of statistical descriptions in the futile aim of pinning down exactly what happened there.


sorry it was tangential i just tire of the insistent "mankind is exhausted sclerotic and doomed" theme on here. it's boring and also i frankly can't take it seriously by what my picture of the world looks like
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I'm just like Brewster I want to ascend to the heavens and fly, the world is a magical medieval place, you cant let yourself get reduced in the impoverished depressive ontology of msm and boomer reaction you have to stay enchanted there is no truth nobody knows the future nobody understands the totality of the system miracles could slip through the cracks at any moment not even the heat death of the universe is assured, the 2nd law of thermodynamics is Victorian idea, only a century old, a temporary speculation from a provincial planet in the backwater of the universe


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@version and I were talking about how Taylor swift is uniquely insular among pop stars to ever reach her level of fame. She has no affect on music trends whatsoever, no influence. She’s oddly absent from public space- not that she isn’t everywhere but i don’t hear her as often as I hear less popular artists when in bars/restraunts/ in commercials and etc. I don’t think there’s ever been another musician to hold the title of worlds most popular while simultaneously being so specifically for her fan base. That insularity can be read as ‘religious,’ in the spirit of the thread.