busy week for fugari tribe and fugari friends


Beast of Burden
Brace yourselves for a week crammed with events . . . .

Tonight, Sunday evening, sees our usual routine at NUBLU (Ave C b/w 4th and 5th), with Fugari djs Renochild and Courtney Luvin It djing before and after sets by the live hip hop band REAL LIVE SHOW -- suggested arrival time is 11:30 pm

Monday evening sees the record release party of Fugari Tribe friend IN FLAGRANTI -- the record is "Bang Bang" on Codek Records featuring G. Rizo and Ulysses -- location is 6's and 8's, corner of Christie and Stanton - suggested arrival time is 10 pm (free admission)

Tuesday night sees KUDU -- the best band in NYC, and in my opinion the world -- do their thing at NUBLU, w/ newfound Fugari tribesman Cocoa Cracker Brown playing records before and after their set -- suggested arrival time is 11:30 pm

Wednesday night presents something of a quandry, but with an easy solution -- first, Fugari friend JJ SANS performs with his reggae band at TAJ (48 West 21st Street, b/w 5th and 6th Avenues) -- doors at 6 pm, show at 9 pm -- THEN, Fugari djs Fidel Bistro and Soul Brother No. 4 join long-time Fugari friend DJ SIMS at the LOTUS LOUNGE (corner of Stanton and Clinton) -- suggested arrival time is 12 midnight

Thursday night sees the FIRST-EVER FUGARI TRIBE HAPPY HOUR, which begins at 6 pm and runs until midnight at ROGUE -- address is 757 Sixth Avenue b/w 25th and 26th Streets -- Fidel Bistro and El Tel provide the music, but the entire Fugari Tribe will be on hand -- COME MEET US -- expect a laid-back, no-attitude affair geared toward 9-to-5ers, people who pay taxes for the benefit of shiftless people like us (garbage collection, etc) -- AND THEN on the same night at JOE'S PUB (425 Lafayette) you can see KUDU perform with G. Rizo of Codek Records (assuming you miss either one on Monday or Tuesday, or simply want to come back for more!!!) -- Kudu take the stage at 11 pm

you're left to your own devices for Friday and Saturday