Free Party in East River Ampitheater, August 13th, by HEAT Crew (with Kano as guest)


Beast of Burden
thought I'd inform Dissensus grime massive of this upcoming event by Greg Poole and the HEAT Crew

on Saturday, August 13th, from 2 pm to 6 pm

in the East River Ampitheater = Grand Street @ the East River

featuring performances by:

Juelz Santana (Def Jam)
Kano (679 Records)
dj Cameo (BBC 1xtra)
Nicole Ray (Def Jam)

and then the HEAT Crew = Greg Poole, Dinesh, Eddie Stats, plus MC Lucky and MC Chosan

COMPLETELY FREE for the public


Beast of Burden
i should add that i think events like this are what the HEAT Crew do best

saturday afternoon in the park ------- done free soundsystem stylee

Canada J Soup

Monkey Man
Also, the East River Ampitheater is the perfect spot for this kind of thing. It's a little bit out of the way but the acoustics are fantastic...should have much more of a 'venue' feel than the center of Tompkins Square Park.


Beast of Burden
here's the flyer from heat crew --

Aug 13, 2005, 2pm – 6pm, FREE
Location: Amphitheater, East River Park, New York City (Grand Street @ the East River)

Over the past few years, the music that has come to be known as UK grime has developed into the most vital music created by urban Black youth in London. Using the same DIY spirit as early American hip hop pioneers, DJs, producers and MCs are creating a unique statement that speaks to the kids in and around the council estates (projects) of London and beyond. Like American hip hop artists, these British artists tell tales from their hood as only they can, putting London's inner city life in sharp focus. And like hip hop, the flavor and energy is undeniably hot, Black, and straight out of the hood.

The creative electricity that the collaboration between hip hop and grime would spark could open up endless possibilities. In the spirit of the many years of cross-pollination that have gone on between the UK and the US, we aim to solidify this link between the two musical genres through the HEAT event. In the classic film Wild Style, Fab Five Freddy helped introduce hip hop to the masses by bringing uptown vibes to the downtown community in the form of a free concert at the East River Park’s Amphitheater. We will take that same landmark location and bring London to NYC in the form of a truly historic collaboration called HEAT.

The lineup of talent will feature some of the biggest artists to emerge on both the American and UK scenes:


KANO (679 Records)

DJ CAMEO (1xtra BBC)


KENNY MUHAMMUD The Human Orchestra



You can hear the event broadcast on 1Xtra Live - Saturday 20th August
from 11pm.

For more information, please contact Dinesh Boaz ( or
Greg Poole (