kudu open for warp records act beans this saturday at mercury lounge


Beast of Burden
i know a lot of the uk dissensus people have ties to warp -- so looks like a weird connection here

mercury lounge is an important venue, so kudu need a big crowd this saturday

so nyc dissensus people who've yet to see kudu will hopefully turn up???

kudu take stage at 8:30 pm, and then beans will follow

(btw looks like the kudu promo -- sadly on cd, not vinyl (small label = limited budget!) -- didn't get mailed out until just a couple days ago on monday -- so if i've corresponded with you about the promo, please hold tight a few more days)

mercury lounge is at 217 East Houston b/w Essex and Ludlow


Beast of Burden
well, then several have ties to you!!!

one degree of separation

good enough for the fbi and the M15


3underscore said:
If warp made ties

Sort of an acid tie - would that do?