Fugari Tribe at Mission, this Friday, August 5th -- plus free after party feat. kudu


Beast of Burden
this FRIDAY, AUGUST 5th, the fugari tribe set up camp in the basement of MISSION = submission = 217 bowery at rivington. RENOCHILD aka big bwana aka robin banks aka magnegro (man of steel) djs. born in salford, manchester, uk, renochild came of age in the hacienda, and in the mid-90s helped launch the denver, colorado, jet-set ski-slope rave scene. he plays groovy, cosmic, polyrhythmic house. uptempo and mushroom orientated. the 24-hour manchester party vibe. admission is free b/w 10 and 11 pm if you rsvp --otherwise, $10 on the door

then at 2 am the party moves to a secret location for a FREE AFTER PARTY (unless you're a no-show at mission, in which case it's $10, if we still like you). the after party is absolutely free b/c the BAR IS OPEN. (to avoid an alcohol shortage, perhaps bring yer own.) and as if that weren't enough, the band KUDU perform live!!! kudu are dark, raw, desperate and . . . . utterly poptastic. (you have to see and hear to believe.) COCOA BEWARE! djs the after party from 2 am until kudu take the stage (around 4 am or so). then be on guard for COSMO WINGTIP and other fugari djs and selectors in the post-6 am hours

RSVP to Fugari@LifeLineEvents.com
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