Forensics - Dubstep Mix #9


Brown Sugar

1 Singing in the rain (intro)
2 Vex’d – Crusher Dub
3 Supa Stylist – The Culture Anthem
4 Geeneus – Congo
5 Skream – Ain’t it Cold
6 Toasty Boy – Guesswork
7 DJ Distance – Breathing Space
8 Digital Mystikz – B
9 Slaughter Mob – Stopper
10 Eric H – The Lights
11 DJ Distance – The Ritual
12 Kode 9 - Ping
13 Burial – South London Boroughs
14 Kode 9 – Sub Kontinent
15 Kode 9 & Daddy Gee – Babylon (Dub mix)
16 Toasty Boy – Dibble
17 Gutter – Shiverz


Download it here.

Recorded exclusively for Gutterbreakz, this mix isn't
available on CD... Excuse the shady mixing, couldnt
hear what I was doing properly. That's my excuse
anyway! Already planning #10, gonna try & make
it a bit special, I'll re-record if it starts fucking up! ;D

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
Wicked mix, been coming back to this one a lot. Took a while to sink in but loving it now. Love the reggae ones at the start but the whole selection is terriffic. Faultless mixing and sound too. (Are you sweetening the audio with anything?)


Brown Sugar
Nice one mate :) Actually thought the mixing was a bit sloppy on
this, but thanks! And no, didn't sweeten the sound in any way :D