Rossi B & Luca Rinse fm Tracklist + Audio


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Had a few technicals at the start of the show this week so it never all got recorded, but most of it did.


Mark one - Ready for love
Big Seac - Nah Nah
Wizzbit - Jamhot remix
Carmen Reece - Hey Lover (Dr Venom Remix)
Bear Man - Drinkin’ Bear
Mr Snowman - Marxmen Remix
Low Deep - Never See Me Fall


Mr Slash - Firearm
Stevo and P Jam - Hard Rain
Skream - Request Line
Skepta, Jammer, Footsie, Rapid, Wiley - Top Producer
D`coy - Barbarian
Nasty Crew - Oi you (Rossi B and Luca remix)
Plasticman - Tippin (Remix)
Rossi B and Luca - Gype V.I.P
Ghetto - Run The Road Ft Katie Pearl
Rossi B and Luca - mugged off
Plasticmna - Cha (vocal)
Mr Keas - Dub
Dirty danger - Move 2 Dis
TNT Feat Maihem - Get Loose
Scratchy - Shangoolie
Unorthodox - No help no handouts (EX girlfriend remix)
Slew Dem - Grime Inst
Jiggalo - Hands in the air
Silkie - Skippy
Agent X Feat JD - scream & shout
DJ Oddz - Breakbeat
SLK - Blazer riddim freestyle
DR Venom - Songbird
Katie Pearl - What Time Is It
Rossi B & Luca - Run 4 Cover inst
Rossi B & Luca Feat Nasty crew - Run 4 cover
Skepta - 4X4
Chase and Status Feat Roll Deep - Top Shotta
Keas - Swift
Lethal B - Kick Back
Wiley - Sidewinder
Mr.Slash - Concerto Riddim
Kano - Nite Nite
Dexplicit - One night stand (4x4 remix)
Macabre Unit - Or Else
King of the Streets- Heatwave
Essentials - State your name
Rossi B & Luca - Optimus Prime
DaVinChe, Bashy & Katie Pearl - Pryin
Virgo - Puzzle
Rossi B & Luca - Pull up
Jon E Ca$h - Hoods up
Davinche - Phaze
Mastermind Trooperz - Monsta Riddim
Skream - Rutton
Twista feat. Pharrell - Lavish
Kano - Reload It (High Contrast Remix)


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