New Mix - VOL5 - DJL


i'm joking
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VOL5 – DJL – 52 mins

1. Intro
2. Hindzy-D feat. Orange – I’m Mad Video Version – [Sting Recordings]
3. Black Ops – Haywire (Instrumental) – [LD Cats Records]
4. MIA – Pull Up The People (D’Explicit Remix) – [XL Recordings]
5. Youngstar feat. Lorraine Cato – Pulse Vocal – [White]
6. Black Ops – ? – [White]
7. KMA Productions– Cape Fear – [Urban Beat]
8. Rossi B & Luca – Frequency (Scandalous Unlimited Remix) [More2DaFloor]
9. Agent X & Kele Le Roc – Skank (Riplash & Sus 4x4 Remix) – [Heatseeker Recordings]
10. Youngstar – 808 – [White]
11. DJ Hatcha – Conga Therapy – [Tempa]
12. Scuba – Timba – [Hotflush Recordings]
13. Macabre Unit – Lift Off – [Terrorhythm Recordings]
14. Akala – Roll Wid Us (D’Explicit Remix) – [Illa State Records]
15. Syer – Shots – [White]
16. Youngstar – Revival Part 2 – [DDJs]
17. Geeneus vs Wizzbit – Jazzstyle – [Rinse Recordings]
18. Plasticman – Cha – [White]
19. Essentials – State Your Name – [White]
20. Terror Danjah – Green Street – [After Shock]
21. Skepta - ? – [White]
22. Gemma Fox & Juelz Santana – Gone (Youngstar Remix) – [DDJs]


i'm joking
A little bit of background on this mix:

In my opinion we need a new early hardcore/acidhouse-style movement mainly so I can experience it rather than just miss it as I did due to age in my youth. Therefore I'm trying to make mixes that emulate the style DJs had back then where anything goes in terms of style of music and it is the "vibe" created which is most important. I'm also trying to highlight the story-telling/journey aspect of DJ-ing which is vital imo in terms of making DJ-ing more than just putting on records one after the the other.

A little while ago my life turned upside down when my ex-girlfriend fucked me over and it kind of fucked me up until recently along with all the other shit going on in the world + other stuff. So, I'm trying to pick records and tell stories/create feelings about my experiences over this time in order that it might be less of a shock to those yet to experience certain pains and a comfort to those who already do as I believe we are not educated in this area enough in modern society. Other reasons for this subject matter include my beliefs that 1. - love is the only real universal language that everyone understands and can bring us together and 2. That we are forgetting its importance which could ultimately lead to dire consequences including someone pressing a button which would wipe our race out. I'm also interested in reversing the steady progress of secure, trusting, long-lasting relationships being eroded which I beleive is central to a general increase in unhappiness amongst society.

Hopefully this and my other mixes will go someway towards helping to achieve these goals or maybe just providing some music with real feeling to people who are starved of it.