Resonance FM DJs help BBC Radio One get Experimental



Hi all,

Resonance gets a plug on national Radio One this week: Resonance
DJs Magz Hall and Tony Herrington contribute to an "experimental music
special" entitled 'The Edge of Reason'.

1am this morning (7th of November) from 1 AM - 3 AM on Radio 1's One World Show.

You can also listen on the listen again function via the Radio 1 website (note
this is only available for seven days after the broadcast)

Features contibutions from Magz Hall + Jim Backhouse from Resonance FM, Tony Herrington from
The Wire, Nick Luscombe from the ICA and Mr Brian Eno.

"There is a thread on the Radio 1 messageboard to get people talking about
the music. Did you like it or did you hate it or was it not 'experimental'
enough for you?"

we expect the show will be experimental lite (Bono is featured -- WTF??) but hopefully it'll be worth a listen and maybe giving them feedback to encourage more experimental shows.
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