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Radioclit show 8 is up, its called sexy stamina cause its sexy and its got stamina
and its got stacs of stamina. - current show section

plenty of exclusive radioclit production shit, including D4L the hottest crunk shit
on earth, as always shit loads of D Double E, some happy hardcore shit, the kings of
eurocrunk, as always some next level french power pop shit this - time with Bart,
and Brian Adams as a final guest.

Its basically everything we've been bumping the most over the last couple months.
Biggest reloads happened on the shit hot remix Diplo did for Three Six Mafia "Stay
Fly" and Whazzaninin. Also Justice rocks that shit.

For further sonic and visual delight check the mobile phone video for Stacs Of
Stamina 's first single "Roll" featuring Ears

Radioclit is still on the road, Ears is playing a few shows with us.

18th nov 333 - Shoreditch, London, UK
19th nov Wasserwerclub (hosted by Ears) - Bern - Switzerland
25th nov The Social - Soho, London - UK
17th dec Whuut!? 93 feet east (hosted by Ears) - London - UK

bring yo bitch mayne - she booooored!