Her Noise thing this saturday with Christina Carter and Heather Leigh Murray


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i know everyone's going to Ruff Sqwad, but if they dont come on till 10 you might be able to go to both...
i'm gonna try tho i wanted to see that other crew as well.

ha! doing my best to disuade you from trying it... but i swear you can come to both


South London Gallery
Saturday 12 Novermber 6.30 – 9pm
Free, no advance booking
CHRISTINA CARTER and HEATHER LEIGH MURRAY play live within Kim Gordon’s installation ‘Reverse Karaoke’. Both of these women, who have played in the group Charalambides and their duo Scorces, bear close relations to the American avant-garde free folk movement.


Heather Leigh co-runs Volcanic Tongue with Davie Keenan, it you know what that means

There's an exhibition on here for a while as well (www.hernoise.com) emma hedditch's stuff is always worth getting into in my opinion.