Bad Santa


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Has anyone else seen this , i thought it was a cack (australian word not larf, not british for shit yourself)!.

The part where he rocks in pissed in front of all the kids and falls into the christmas display, then looks up and a card board donkey is leering menacingly above him so he clobbers it, hilarity

might be a bit low brow for some though


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I thought it was hilarious. Unremittingly unsentimental, even tho it involved kids and christmas. Particularly liked the bit with the sulky bloke in the bar who tried to mount Santa in the carpark, all the while protesting that he wasn't gay. And the fact that Santa never took his outfit off and just let it get increasingly dirty. A hero for us all....

grimly fiendish

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Savonarola said:
Unremittingly unsentimental

aw, come on: the mercy dash with the toy elephant at the end really did bring a tear to my jaded eye. and the fact they let him survive/be rehabilitated through the power of luuurve was a bit of a cop-out.

but it's still a fantastic film. way, way better than i expected.


from start till done
Savonarola said:
Unremittingly unsentimental, ....

and lets not forget when he's about to get shot by his partner in crime , pink elephant in hand , and as he sheds a tear he pleads "but it's christmas"

heartbreaking........ (i think i've got something in my eye......)
But the elephant is covered in blood!; when he says 'but it's christmas', he's attacking the rampant consumerism of his dwarf partner and his 'mail-order' bride; I didn't think that he was rehabilitated through the power of love - the reason he got off scot-free was because of people's own gooey sentimentality regarding Santa ('he couldn't possibly have done all those bad things, he's santa, and the cops shot him!')...I think it's a lightheartedly cynical film, s'why it's good....they should play it every Dec 25 forevermore in place of the Snowman.


it wasn't great cinema by any means, but it was still pretty funny, funny enough for a saturday night drunk movie which is how i saw it..

it could have been just a TAD darker - you could see the sentimentality looming on the horizon even if it never quite manifested itself ;) - but that's Hollywood :)


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dubversion said:
it wasn't great cinema by any means

True that - i didn;t fancy it at the cinema, but saw it on a plane and really liked it. fave line 'you're not gonna shit right for a week...' lovely