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I saw clips of him on the stand, a sweaty quivering pantywaist. Big man when behind the mic, yappin' to the converted, not such a macho dude when being confronted about his lies in court. Throw him and Bannon in the same cell, let 'em circle jerk for a few years.


One thing that always surprises me with conspiracy theories and cults and just general lies I guess, is how people are so willing to let exposed frauds off the hook and then fool them again. I suppose that this is in my mind cos of the raid on Mar-a-Lago and the fact that Trump's team released one explanation, realised it wasn't gonna work and disregarded it and picked another, contradictory one - and now they have done that three or four times. I don't see how anyone could take the next one they come up with seriously, even if it is in itself, on the face of it, a reasonable and plausible explanation and justification for what he's been up to.

Same after the election when Trump (again!) decided the election was rigged and then they kept coming up with more and more outlandish ways that the dems had cheated... again the fact that they kept suggesting different scenarios should be a warning sign that they don't have a definitive and factual version of events, they are simply trying to find something that sticks.

It's not always specifically Trump followers in these examples (though most of these these dumbos in the following examples would probably vote Trump if you asked them about it).

Religious freaks make similarly easy targets I guess; there was this guy called The Amazing Randy (not his real name) who was a magician who used to like to show up charlatans such as that spoon bender guy etc One time he investigated one of those megachurch pastors who claimed to be able to work out what people's problems were and probably cure them as well I expect... tuned out he had a headpiece thing in his ear with a radio receiver, and when people bought tickets to the sermon they noted down their ailments, and then someone radioed the pastor as the mug came on stage and he acted as though God had told him and totally blew the audience's mind.

And Randy completely exposed this bloke as a fraud - though to be honest I'm not sure that trick really needed an expert of his skills and status to figure it out. But whatever, he did, and he destroyed that guy's credibility and career... as you might expect, cos who would be interested in a holy man who turned out to be a total liar, lying about God and doing so purely to get money?

But what was crazy was that guy fucked off for a bit and then came back a few years later and said "Hey guys, sorry I tricked you last time, but you know what, I've been away and I've repented and God forgave me and gave me the power to do that shit for real, so, I'm starting up a new megachurch thing, pretty much like the last one, but let me repeat, this time it's ALL REAL, no tricks honest. Everyone is welcome except for that terrible sinner The Amazing Randy, God told me that if any us see him we gotta smite him really hard, but everyone else, please do come, and send me money to 0800 I AM A REALLY STUPID CUNT, the more the better of course." - and they were all like "Hmmmm... you mean forgive a guy who completely lied about this before and was revealed to stand absolutely against everything we believe in, who took advantage of our beliefi and exploited the church itself to lie and steal money? Yeah, sure that sounds reasonable" and then after a little while he was a megapastor just like before again? How can that be possible? How can anyone be that stupid?

And one more example, I can't remember the details so I'll be brief here, but I think that the guy who ran the Heaven's Gate thing had tried starting several other cults or temples or movements or whatever you want to call them before the Heaven's Gate one took off, so to speak. So he found the one true truth and meaningful meaning of the universe etc but then that didn't work out so he found the really true truth. Though that one wasn't too popular either, so he went off and thought about it really hard and then when he set up his third cult he was really on the right lines at last. Or at least he was able to convince a few people that he was, to the extent that they lived in a weird commune with him, cut off their knackers and then finally, on his command, committed suicide together. But again, I don't understand how his position as the hierophant bringing back The Knowledge from the stars wasn't undermined a little by the fact that it was his third stab at it - especially when he started telling people to cut off their ballbags.

"So... God wants me to cut off my balls? Why? Oh he just does, ok. I mean, sure yeah, if that's what God wants then obviously I will do it. It's just that last week you were adamant that God wanted something completely and totally different which you swore blind was the one true truth, and now you're saying that was wrong. And before that you had another Only Path To Nirvana which was different again and is now long rejected... are you really sure about the testicles thing? OK, pass me those rusty scissors then... fuck's sake".

It just seems to me that there are a certain people who almost seem to want to be fooled. I mean, I know that these leader types are often very charismatic and can charm people and overwhelm them so that they don't spot the obvious flaws in their arguments. I do understand it's easy for people who don't realise this to say

"I would never be fooled by a cult leader, I am way too smart and have simply too strong a mind to be susceptible to any kind of mind-control or any other similar techniques - wouldn't you agree Grand High Wizard?"

But I don't think I'm doing that when I speak about the way that there exists this set of people who are willing to accept more lies from people who have already been caught lying to them several times before. I wonder how important this group of people is, cos of course it's easier for a leader to appear authoritative if he has followers already, and the bigger the group the better. I'm speculating on whether there is a way to identify people of this nature, cos if you want own cult or political party or whatever, I'm thinking you need to find a load of these dummies to be your useful idiots and then they can lend weight to your pronouncements. I wonder if successful cult leaders have an inbuilt way of recognising these types. Certainly Manson picked on young vulnerable girls who were likely to be easily manipulable.
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I tried watching the court case, but the judge was taking the piss, really making fatso* Jones sweat by delaying her entry... I got bored after 45 minutes of watching the fat slob fret ( * no "body shaming". just telling it like it is )