twin lens reflex


just seen this wonderful exhibition

i used to walk past harry's shop with a mosaic of all his photos in the window - good to see them looked after


gabba survivor
wasn't there a Harry Jacob exhibition on at the photographer's gallery a few years ago... i think it was the same studio in Brixton.

a document showing glimpses into the stories of the familes who came to brixton, giving up small clues about their aspirations and history, and what they meant to each other inspite of the formal poses. being a fascinating pattern of images over every wall from floor to ceiling. my pleasure was in noticing the details and slight differences between each photo, the film stock changing and seeing the same props in each photo become gradually more tattered with every passing decade. the wicker chairs and baskets of plastic fruit looking ever more out of place and, best of all, the gaudy fading backdrops: an english garden warping over the years or an unconvincing a painting of shelves stacked with stereos and riches.


yeah i saw that at the photographers gallery some time back too, it was wonderful as you say.


Bandele 'Tex' Ajetunmobi work is also very nice,

less formal - more like snaps but still beautiful period pieces