Food and Music


500 songs about food:

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carl craig - chicken noodle soup and his lp more songs about food and revolutionary art...
there seem to be lots of songs about the sensuality of food in that list, also interestingly fast food .
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Off the top of my head...

Skream 'Korma'
Mr. Scruff 'Fish'
Organized Konfusion 'Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken'
UMCs 'Blue Cheese'
Lee Perry 'Roast Fish and Cornbread'
Lee Morgan 'Cornbread'
Louis Jordan 'Beans and Cornbread'


gasoline for haters
not a song but a lyric, think it was 3-6 mafia. Something like 'eating so much shrimp I got iodine poisoning' loved that to death when I first heard it.

e-40 has a bunch of great food related new slang (Gouda, Chalupa, Jaeber(sp?) but it's all food as money metaphors.


'Roast Fish and Cornbread' by Silver Cat, 'Ham and eggs' by ATCQ...

' Ackee and Saltfish', 'Callaloo' and 'Rice and Peas' are all riddims or tunes...


Trumpet Police
Q-tips ‘toast’

Completely true this – when I was about 11, I had my own band and wrote about 6 songs, all of which were about food. There was ‘cup of tea’, ‘bread and jam’, ‘biscuits’, ‘ice cream and jelly’, I forget the other two, but you get the gist.


Brown Sugar
rufus wainwright, cigarettes and chocolate milk

Herbert's Plat du Jour probably deserves mention here, though not strictly speaking


Since weve entered into the realm of metaphor, how about 'Brown Sugar', or 'Sweet like Chocolate'?

henry s

Street Fighting Man
NRBQ - "Boardin' House Pie"
Blue Oyster Cult - "Tenderloin"
Prefab Sprout - "Blueberry Pies"
Richard Harris - "MacArthur Park"

not sure any of these is really about food, but they all touch upon it, one way or t'other...

henry s

Street Fighting Man
...not to forget the prominent role that the "ugly food that stinks" plays in "Rappers Delight"...