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Last years Tate prize was a total debacle. Terrible work by everyone and that fucking awful tranny potter won.

Didnt get to see this years one, but I was delighted Jeremy Deller (Dellar?) one it. I've been following his stuff ever since the K Foundation brass record. Indeed you could read his winning the prize as the final absorbtion of their openly-democratic occult post-rave situationalism into the mainstream. Did anyone see that film he made where the open-topped truck passed through that small town throwing stuff off the back of it? That was good.

The funny thing is that the themes he chooses to explore are extremely close to the spirit of our particular neck of the woods. Hes big on what Simon would call "the lumpen" (and i rechristened the avant-yob) and that entails being big on folk-art from a quite knowing (if avowedly unpatronising) perspective. In passing it strikes me that this must be quite a similar way the Marxists were big on Folk Music (and despised pop), whereas now we know that Marxists all listen to Dub Reggae ;)

Has anyone seen the History of Our World chart that Deller had in his winning entry for the prize? Its a diagram which aspires to connect the miners strike and brass bands to ardkore rave, the theoretical template behind the Acid Brass project. Its definitely taking the mick, the larger leaps are very tenous, but therein lies its inventiveness. I wonder if it would have made more sense as table than a flowchart!

I bet you fifty quid he reads Blissblog.


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yeah i saw it , thought the overall exhibition was great, i liked the talking heads, arab people 'remembering' the time they reincarnated, by another artist too.
deller i enjoyed, i like his whole open source kinda look at art, leaving books to read about the things he discusses in his topics and notepads to write about them, experts to give talks about them.
a genuine bungling enthusiast.
i saw an advert he paid for on behalf of the quakers in the paper the other day btw.

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WOEBOT said:
whereas now we know that Marxists all listen to Dub Reggae ;)

And pop!

Just seen this and yes I saw the chart on telly and had a wry smile at Psychic TV being on there.

Didn't he also do the Orgreave re-enactment?

He's been slagged off by some situationist types for incorporating revolutionary stuff in (what I guess they see as) mainstream art. But I suspect he's alright really :) One to watch!


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jeremy d on the m.i.c

Jeremy Deller engages in pop in a hugely entertaining way..
for his peice The Uses Of Litracy he invited Manic Steet preachers fans to contribute works they inspired
one submission was a copy of every book cited in their lyrics....Camus,Sartre,Salinger the whole angst ridden lot.
He also did a thing called Looking for Bez , this consisted of visiting Dry Bar getting wrecked ant having a
wander/derive roung Manchester.

His most famous /seen thing is the MY DRUGS HELL tee shirt (as sported by Robbie Williams!)