disco re-edits


est malade

this is the only thing i'm getting out of bed for now. standouts

mc1 = memory control one basic (1983), reissue
starts with a synth cloud hovering close-encounters style over you, goes on to pied piper-esque keyboard workouts, all very cosmic.

disco galaxia (completely illegal bootleg, 2006), originals
this one is stellar except for the missing pineapples tune, very annoying. besides electra, jago, and bwh gems you get take a chance and even the fucking warriors theme, it's a bargain.

disco supreme (2006), re-edits
this one is so-so but worth getting for the new musik tune 24 hours from culture alone, which i've found out is more or less the only good thing they did and is identical to the original, so that saves me money. i won't comment on the pat metheny track.

the re-edit thing isn't usually very successful but there are exceptions, and one that i still find utterly brilliant is the indecs re-edit of explorer enjaw j, which i think has been bootlegged (quite a feat for a 'neu' track). the original must be top notch.

that's it, back to bed.
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re edits

totally agree
maybe its the heat
i dont know hardly any of these tracks and so i can approach them as if they are totally new songs, if i did know them in their original form maybe i wouldnt be so slavish

does anyone know what the track prins thomas re edits as 'flavoursaver' on the major swellings lp, the mad turkish thing?

where can i find the disco galaxia thang?