What? Blog Shares?


I don't know where to start asking questions about this. Can anyone help me understand what Blog Shares is/does/means? I just Googled my blog and found it. Apparently someone's buying up all my "stock" (?). I don't think I'm even a controlling partner anymore.


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aaaaargh! blogshares is the grotesque consequence of the link-me-and-i'll-link-you. a game played out by lots of blogs whose raison-d'etre is amount of traffic they get. its the logical extention of technorati's equally horrible "blog status" rundown.

you do occasionally come across these blogs, you find yourself being chummed up by a christian canadian who has absolutely nothing whatsoever to say on the subject of anything, and who clearly isnt interested in a word you have to say either, but desperately wants you to link him so you can send him traffic.

blogshares is the extension of this kind of attitood. your blog acquires a value in relation to how many people visit it and how many people link to it. as opposed to an evaluation of its worth as a measure of the regularity with which you write it or (more importantly) the validity of what you have to say.


autonomicforthepeople said:
Apparently someone's buying up all my "stock" (?).

I have to confess, I think that was me. :eek: It's all hypothetical and doesn't mean anything outside the game, and, unless you yourself register you won't get any icky e-mails from lonely Christians, I promise.

I sort of got sucked in for a couple of boring days just before Christmas (Blogshares also includes a blog catalogue/database thingy which listed mine in a load of incorrect categories, so I registered at first in order to fix that). It's really time-consuming, mindlessly simple to play, and totally pointless, unless, as Matt says, you're into dumb reciprocal-linkage.

Apologies for any confusion/what have you :eek:


LOL! No worries Rambler. I just thought it was funny. I was totally baffled to find a website that was tracking my little blog and to see that someone thought it was worth buying even an imaginary piece of it. Nice to know it's staying in the Dissensus family though.

I found it interesting that Blogshares seemed more up to date on which sites link to which than Google was. I actually found a couple of new blogs that way.

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Ahh Matt is just playing wolve's tears. The more links the better for "US" and most big bloggers have sitemeter or some spider attached to their site. I wouldn't sweat it, They are not stealing your bank account. Who really cares if a fundamentalist christian decides to link you?? Are you worried they might get a dancehall infection??? I have a lean blog running with running links to some of you guys only for the fact it might spread something good. It isn't bad.