The Incredibles



Is anyone else of the opinion that this is the greatest super-hero film of all time? I came to this conclusion because there are no "special" FX: in its 3D cartoon state, everything is real, super-powered or not. It's as if they had never left their natural habitat, the comic book, where everything is possible.


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yeah i thought it was a good film too, went with the little fella,

i agree that it will certainly be a bench mark for superhero films in the future, no dreaded blue screen, anything is possible, and all in comicbook full colour

i just wish they could sort the mouths out though, they creep me out, no lips, what happened to their lips!


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Incredibles, Well...Quite Incredible

I've seen it twice and think it is probably Pixar's best - (yes, better than the Toy Story (ies) and Monster Inc.) Of course, this might be because it was written by the same guy who wrote the Iron Giant, which was also a great movie (and has never recieved the praise it deserves).

What made it great was that all of the charcaters had depth to them, more than any real "live" action film this year. You could understand the reasons why each character felt and acted the way they did. It was also a great parody of the James Bond films than any of the Austin Powers film, including a lush John Barry-ish score (better than any of crap David Arnold has done for the Bond films). Examples - great villian, villian's lair, army of cohorts, plans to take over the world, sexy (in an animated way) sidekick who turns out to help the hero. Plus it makes fun of the evil villian ranting to the hero their plans for world domination, a feature of any Bond film.

Only downside is that the ending was kind of a rip-off of the ending of Spy Kids 2.

Other than that it was definitely was one of the best films of the year.


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hmmm well when i saw this, i felt that it was reall good, and it excelled visually. it looked like it was really good, but there was something m,issing. it didnt reall engage with anyone in the cinema, and i didnt feel a connection with it. i think the main problem was that it was perceived to be a childrens film, but wasnt really at all, and more importantly, it just wasnt funny enough. i remember toy story being a lot funnier, and i think that ultimately is a better film than this. the jokes are too laboured (the "monologuing" one for instance), and too often raise a snigger rather than a smile or genuine laugh, for me. i liked the bit when the hero was in the insurance office and looked out of his cubicle to see an endless sea of cubicles tho.

having said that, it looked absolutely stunning, rather than just excellent.


Yes, The Watchmen did spring to mind a few times, most evidently with the "super-heroes are banned" and "ordinary lives of the supers" aspects.

Did anyone see the featurette at the beginning with the dancing sheep and the kangaroo-type thing? I thought that was unspeakably awesome and insane.
the sheep thing was amazing, it was called boundin' and was directed by an old school animator, cant remember his name though, I just liked the pure joy of the piece, in a way I almost prefered it over the main feature...