A riddle...


31 Seconds
My father was a dreadlocked rude-bwoy who set off from his homeland on a mission to destroy Babylon, with nothing but an Amen break, a sine-wave generator, and a gunshot sample in his hemp backpack.

He wandered upon a strange lush land where my mother walked with a deep 4/4 thump, her hair a lush string pad chord progression and her eyes a finely-engineered 'whooshing' sound ran through an extremely expensive digital-delay/filter combo.

My father yelled BLOODCLAAAAAAAAAAAT and 'took her' in a fantastic act of passion. Nine months later I am their love-child....

Who am I???????


Turd on the Run
I was thinking Foul Play or Omni Trio - although I'm guessing it may be an exact song that you're intimating.