Walter The Wobot.

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Slightly tearful post. I just suspended the blog WOEBOT and in conversation with blissblogger suggested it might be time to take me off his links bar, quite an emotional moment as it was always a point of pride that WOEBOT was up there.

Anyway, simultaneously i was digging around for a new Avatar and remembered that WOEBOT was in part a reference to Judge Dredds Robot Walter. Walter had a rather posh mealy-mouthed public-school-boy-like lisp, and this was one of the things i was joking about (in absolutely hilarious fashion, mutter mutter) with the WOEBOT tag. Oh well.....

Check this super gif above out though. Unfortunatly too large to be an avatar.
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bloggers - back up your work

That's a sad piece of news. :( But I think you can rest assured that you'll stay on a thousand link bars until the whole blog ship sinks. Just don't rush to any final decisions too quickly. The worst thing about all of this virtual business is its volatility - great writing suddenly disappearing into the ether (or some difficult to access suburb thereof - ahem, Luka). I hope everyone is backing up what they've been writing because there's some brilliant material out here and it would be a shame if it was lost. I may be missing the whole kyber point of all this but I hope that some of what' been written by folks like yourself, K-punk, the Simons, etc. gets collected in some hard printed form at some point. Otherwise it'll be lost. Grime reporting too. I imagine a nice Routledge edition, edited by Simon SD. In Britiain it would be called Forward Riddim but in North America they wouldn't get that so it would have to be called "What Do U Call It?" or something. Point is, I'll miss your blog Matt, but I'm glad we can all chat here. And I hope people are saving what they write because it would be too easy to lose it all in a few fell swoops/moments of discouragement.


from start till done
suspended again, oh man, do make another comeback, don't be the comeback kid, but keep it in the books....

whats going to happen to wadio woebot?

will it come back just as raw blaze did? or will it keep popping up on forums teasing those who know/care for time to come......


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we all know how long blog suspensions last, right? ;)

matt, woebot will never be taken off my links as long as the archives are still up. they contain more work than most running blogs will ever post.
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