Downloads chart influence


Dumpy's Rusty Nut
Sales of legal download singles have overtaken sales of physical CD singles for the first time in the UK.

The festive period saw a surge in sales of legitimate downloads thanks to the huge popularity of portable digital music players such as the iPod given as gifts.

Last week 312,290 downloads were sold against 282,399 CD singles. "This is a hugely significant milestone for the emerging download market and it has occurred much earlier than previously predicted," says Ben Drury of 7 Digital Media, one of the main UK-based distributors of digital downloads.

(Music Week daily)
I love this.

Stuff hangs around in the download chart for so much longer, and the download of a new song is often available as soon as it's promo'd to radio.

So will we return to the glory days of Bruno Brookes, when TOTP was soundtracked by Yellow Pearl? By which I mean: in a few months/years, will something actually be able to climb the chart to No 1 over a number of weeks?


was minusone
also the demographic for downloads is totally different to singles vinyl or cd - bad result might be: beatles singles at no. 1, good result might be: busted not