help with Sony CD recorder...

john eden

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WOEBOT said:
dont rule out shelling out 150 quid or so for a stand-alone SONY CD-recorder. they f***ing handy! all you have to do is press a button between tracks!!!

Just got one for xmas! :)

But it's an ex-display model with no manual... (or remote)

If anyone has a manual for a Sony RCD-W3 and can either lend me or photocopy their manual, I'd be eternally grateful (and might even records them some CDs in exchange!)


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there are those websites online where you can buy photocopied manuals. actually im sure youll need one, theyre reet tricky to set up.

john eden

male pale and stale
Yeah, they charge you, though ;)

Anyway - I have set it up now (after several evenings of nerdism and swearing) but need to know if it could be better, diff functions etc...