- a non-profit media company


My wife and I recently started a non-profit, which I thought some Dissensians may find of interest. The big idea is using volunteers from within the mainstream media to get more coverage of humanitarian crises on the news.

We experimented with this idea a few times over the last year, funding and arranging camera crews to go into Mali/Niger last summer and getting the footage on CNN, Fox, Sky, the BBC, Reuters, AP and a many local US stations. This had a knock-on effect, boosting donations to the aid organizations in the region we partnered with. We did it again after the Pakistan earthquake, with similar results, and did a trip to Congo in October with Action Against Hunger. You can see some of the footage here:

It's early days, we are still securing grants etc, and our website resembles a MySpace page from 1985, but the idea seems to be working. We are trying to work out a citizen journalist component to this initiative as well, as new media is very, very slowly making its way into many developing parts of the world. I know many of you are 'media types' and all extremely intelligent, if anyone has any good ideas, suggestions or wants to get involved, please do drop me a line.