[dustv001] Bite Thee Back EP by The Black Dog

Martin Dust

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[dustv001] Bite Thee Back EP by The Black Dog

[dustv001] Bite Thee Back EP by The Black Dog

Bigger, better, darker and wiser: the Black Dog serves up a fabulous EP of richly melodic but unstintingly inventive techno. The Black Dog are back with a fresh cadre of collaborators who alternately surprise and delight with this selection of tunes that shift and mutate in all the right places.

Surgeon - Dynamic/Downwards/Counter Balance
…like better moments of The Orb, but more edgy.

Ian O'Brien- Peacefrog
I love The Black Dog record - can't believe they are back! Excellent.

Dan Moore - Superconductor
A beautiful return to form from The Black Dog with great atmospheric electronics as only they can.

Rob Da Bank – Radio 1
The pioneers are back, praise the lord!

MixMaster Morris
… a new EP and it is the best solo thing he's done I think ...three of the four tracks could definitely be described as chillout music, they certainly aren't going to be on the Judge Jules show… this should be on your wants list.

Mark Broom - King Of Snakes/Pure Plastic
Perfect for Sunday afternoons reading the Essex bible!!!

Tom Magic Feet - iDJ
Musically, suffice to say, this record is strange and wondrous.

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The Black Dog - Distant Lands Video
Exclusive video from their archive. Magic meets Monty vs Lynch and Benny Hill!

The Black Dog: Live 1997 – From The Archive
Pioneering experimental electronic collective The Black Dog Present The Black Dog performing a special two-hour live set recorded in Toronto, Canada on the 1st of June 1997. From ancient Arabic rhythms to Detroit and Chicago influenced electronica, The Black Dog will take you on a surreal journey spanning 10,000 years in cyberspace. Exclusive and unreleased material is interwoven with The Black Dog remixes and the sounds of the Beat Generation: ranging from ambient to abstract drum and bass to organic techno. A unique opportunity to glimpse into the mind of a world traveller.

Originally limited 200 copies on cassette now available in two parts.

The Black Dog Live 1997 – Part One (available from 14th January)

The Black Dog Live 1997 – Part Two (available from 11th February)
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