mp3 players


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can anyone recommend a good mp3 player?
winamp and windows media player both wreck my head,they seem so user unfriendly
is there an acknowledged rival thats pretty straightforeward?

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winamp is allright in 'classic' mode (like winamp 2).

just installed iTunes on my PC. looks nice so far.

as for windows media player! how do they do it! so shit.

vlc player is an open-source thing that supports tons of formats. hardly user friendly though really.


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iTunes is the easyist to use, but my vote goes to JRiver Media center its the best tool for organizing large collections:

-good tagging tools (inc. internet look up, and internet album covers, tag from filename
-great plugins for: remote control, 3rd party album art, internet lyrics, md5 fingerprint de-dupe tools links
-ipod etc support


B&O media player

Via a unique graphic interface, Bang & Olufsen looks at things from the user's point of view and brings Bang & Olufsen's expertise in simple functionality and ease-of-operation to the world of the computer. blah blah blah

stylish - if you like that sorta thing - & free
(myself i use winamp :D )