Wireless conections between PC and stereo


Taking History Too Far
So I've been using MP3s a lot more lately, especially for listening to mixes and the like, and also a little for internet radio. But my stereo and my computer are awkardly positioned to run cables from one to another. So I was thinkign that wireless might be a good solution.

Has anyone got any experience with that? What sort of set up would work? I don't have a lot of cash either, so that might make it difficult..

The situation is that the PC is in one room, about 4.5 meters from the stereo (component), but with a 10cm brick wall in between. So obviously I'd need somethign to get through that.

So what do you think?

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Not meaning to restart the Apple vs PC thing...

I take it this is Windows PC rather than Mac? Whatever, I use the Apple Airport Express thing and iTunes, which you should also be able to get working on a PC). The airport thing has an audio jack for connecting to the stereo, and you can select to beam your music to it via itunes (you would need a wi-fi card on your PC to do it wirelessly, although it can do it via a normal network cable).

Downside is that airport express doesn't have a display so it might be hard to select the music without going to the PC. I use my phone - run clicker on the Mac and then you can use your phone as the remote control.

For something with a display I've heard good reports about these people http://www.slimdevices.com/, although I haven't tried one meself.



Taking History Too Far
Hmmm. I was thinking about AirPort express, specially as it seems to be a fairly cheap option (to my surprise). Changing things isn't too much of a problem, especially as it's mostly for listening to long DJ mixesand the like. Thanks for the advice.