Code 46: a missed opportunity or what?


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Anyone see this yet? I moaned about it incessantly at An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming and i still can't quite get it out of my system...somehow the whole thing seemed like a gigantic cosmic wheeze, a series of filmic punchlines left seems like it's engineered to annoy ( a la Greenaway's Baby of Macon perhaps?) but i'm racked with doubt, maybe i've missed the point, maybe i need to start sucking up some more theory ?


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I thought on one level that it was the first film I'd seen for ages that managed to pull off that alphaville thing of scifi that's constructed from present-day reality with almost no special effects (at least that's what it looked like to me, I could be wrong) - and I was mesmerised by some pretty good cinematography of places in the world that I've not seen captured on film before - but on another the central love story was just completely cack & the language thing was really badly done - two big cringes that wrecked it for me