pc problems


maybe someone here can help...

my pc is a bit fucked. i cant open 'my documents' or 'my computer' or any of those programs. i can use real player and windows media player and stuff. but i cant use others like 'my music'. do u think ive blocked these programs somehow?

i try to open 'my documents' for example and nothing happens, but my pc freezes. every now and then a pop up appears saying that something is wrong with "dr watson postmortem debugger"

this could be the problem, but ive no idea what that dr watson thing is

any ideas?


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mpc said:
my pc is a bit fucked. QUOTE]

back up personal files > goto the Dos comand line > type format c:/ > install a stable operating system
i.e. not made by willy gates

[sorry couldnt help it - WARNING:L this advice will deleate everything on your computer)


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if its NT or 2000 or XP when it boots up hit f8 lots of times and select last know configiration... if it works then back up fast (i.e. onto a external drive or CDR or whatever)

if your on xp you have the added option of using restore.. if the above dosent work I can advise where the restore is (have to find where it is..)

toddle pip

(p.s. i was serious about reformating the harddrive and using an alternative OS)


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or, register at the neowin forums (neowin.net) and ask them. you'll probably get your answer in a few minutes consider how many people look at that site.


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doctor watson is the program thats sposed to tell you whats wrong with the other stuff so its only being called cos theres a problem elsewhere... if its also broken that makes it harder still...
the thing that browses folders is called explorer isnt it? can u use internet-explorer? or firefox to access the directories instead?

personally i'm not a massive fan of proprietry software like windows or OS-X ... it doesnt make things easy when you have a problem. and you'll always have problems...

its a bit of a bad way to be driven into it but if you have a free partition on yr hard-drive, or a smaller one you dont mind wiping, you should be able to install linux and get the stuff out from the windows partition that way
its pretty easy to install linux now-a-days:


fedora is a nice simple, non-expert user oriented OS, its pretty widely supported with online community help too
you only really need the first few cds... for a basic install

then this next link has extra stuff to make it do all the things you need it to like mp3s, dvds, reading windows filesystems, acrobat, java:


(yeah i kno its shit that it doesnt do all that to start with)

of course linux fans will use any opportunity to trick you into joining them... you can probably restore your system quite easily *if* you can figure out the problem, *if* you have access to some of the secret information and intellectual property behind the problem, *if* you can wait for microsoft to get round to fixing the problem...
its also true that linux starts off being scarier, but you do end up being far less at the mercy of your computer. if i fuck up my OS i just reinstall for free and it knows which files need to be deleted when it uninstalls the old system. if i want to upgrade to the new version i dont have to pay $200 for the privilege of getting minimal upgrades and the bugs ironed out of the version i already paid for.

so yey! fuck windows!

oh yeah and good luck anyways...