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The French are serious.

PARIS—To fight President Emmanuel Macron’s pension overhaul, France’s most militant labor union is pursuing a radical strategy: cutting electricity to his political supporters and the wealthy while handing out discounted power and gas to the public.

During a nationwide strike last week, members of the far-left CGT union who work in the energy sector cut power to the office of a lawmaker from Mr. Macron’s party for more than three hours. On Monday, CGT energy workers in Marseille manipulated electricity and gas meters to cut bills for bakers who were protesting in the French port city against high energy prices. CGT’s leadership called such moves a “Robin Hood” operation and said they would continue as the country prepares for another national protest on Tuesday.

French Union Cuts Power to Pressure Macron on Pensions


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Just seen the latest approach by the government- call off your strike and we’ll talk about possibly giving you a one off payment (that will come out of existing budgets ie while you selfish bastards get some rise the public service being provided will have to be cut to fund it.)