Buying records


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anyone sort of feel apologetic when you tell someone you've bought a CD? People my age (25) usually give you a quizzical look, and the youngers look at you like you're absolutely crazy. 16-year-olds nowadays, I don't think, ever bought CDs. So weird...

It's not as though CDs themselves are that attractive, tho, so why shouldn't they die, I guess?


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not to mention the reduction of popular autonomy to whether one is 'man enough' to buy a Yorkie, exercises enough dilettante cultural tourism to order an iced frappuccino or some shit in Starbucks, has enough pandering yay-saying flimwads around them so they can 'look good naked' yadayadayada...

i do get a bit strange about things like wanting to own the whole oeuvre of certain artists/labels etc but its always rooted in actually liking their output in the first place and agreeing with the sense of how they view their purpose in their contemporaneous state of affairs - why its made at all i guess. not at all fussed with whether its a first pressing or white label or whatever, as long as i have/can use/enjoy it.
@m33k +i93r do you like Yorkies? I had my first Yorkie today and thought it was very good