The Photos of Nick Kilroy.

Jim Daze

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I remember when Nick took that picture at the start of this thread of that cross on a mound. His pictures looked amazing and i was saying how do you get them like that and he said all he did was point and shoot with a less than great old school digital camera.

I would help out anyway with getting some kind of book together, chip some cash or whatever.


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Jim Daze said:
..he said all he did was point and shoot with a less than great old school digital camera..

Its great to see Nick inspiring people to do something in his honour, but i do think that his photography makes most sense on-line, the screen is the perfect medium for the digital photograph. And i think the print quality of old school 1 megapixel images is likely to distract from there radiance.. , but maybe its a good idea to do something online with them at a later date, its really nice to find out where all these pictures where actually taken, nick was always very coy about each pictures origin, i think keeping them mysterious ment a lot to him that fell out of his camera..

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I'm not sure if anyone's noticed by now, but it's possible to get a directory listing of images for the whole site, including the zabriskie point images. There are a few I've never seen, including what appears to be some alternate Junior Boys covers that didn't get used. I felt kind of guilty about sharing this, but it's been like that as long as the site's been live, so it's not exactly hidden...