Black Ops - Jon E Cash

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What do people think of their productions?

For me some are decent, but a lot of it sounds the same, and most of the mixdowns on the released vinyl are shocking.

What are your opinions on the label / crew?


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Love the tunes, but Jon E Cash is a shocking MC, he should stick to producing. Haywire was one of my first grime 12"s... and the new one 'Kamikaze' is very good. good to hear some breaks used in a rhythm again.


good productions the rappping is quite party and not totally great but as a producer he has some lush ideas


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dont like the mixdowns?

Ever rinse it out on a system? I actually feel jon e and his sublow movement are producing some of the harder system tunes in terms of deep bass etc.

And I dont like all their MCs but theirs one kid in the crew who is real nice. They get a little awful on the subjects sometimes, one tune that was pretty date rapeish that I couldnt really hang with.

But Jon E and Dreaddy are definitely tight producers. Battle is LARRGE.


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Jon E's got some big beats but he needs to change up the style more often. War is an anthem, and All About The Sex was rough, need more tracks like that.


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merk riddim is heavy !

- but is it johnny cash? it was the last track on the black ops mix cd to hit road last year...


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i like jon e cash. yep as per upthread "spanish" was big.

what he has got pretty sorted is that he puts out (i think) pretty fat pressings. theyve usually got label graphics and all that. a likkle bit professional. also i enjoy the way theyre not from e3 and that theyre a bit individual. sort of reminds me of the relationship the holy ghost had with hardcore........


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originaldrum said:
merk riddim is heavy !

- but is it johnny cash? it was the last track on the black ops mix cd to hit road last year...

Yeah, Merk is John E Cash if the stands at Uptown are anything to go by.


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3underscore said:
Yeah, Merk is John E Cash if the stands at Uptown are anything to go by.

i'd lay odds it is, considering my copy says "jon e cash" and it's based around the horn sample from "war." also, cameo still worked in uptown last i heard and he's tight with them.

funny thing about the black ops guys is how sweet they are in person for a bunch of MCs who endlessly talk about rape and killing.

search: "west side" - has nothing to do with wideboys track of same name. 120bpm, cold synths, drum programming like an engine about to break down.


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I like some Jon E Cash like Spanish and War. One of my favourite tracks though is R HA VIP on Black Ops by DJ Charmzy. The bassline on that on a decent system is big


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jon e's badd

few gems, lotta shite

the best Black Ops stuff i've heard is off pirate tapes i made in 2002, killer dirty-bass tunes that i've never been able to find

most everything i've picked since might sound phat in the store on those decks they do stuff to to make tracks sound better (right?) but never wanna actually play it at home

sex pol wise they're kind of the Stranglers of the scene

more general point -- why is that producers all cane their sound to death? just to make money? they all do it -- wiley, terror danjah/big e.d. -- in those cases it's a great sound and i can certainly use many many iterations of it but still...

mind you the new aftershock the ixtra guys are playing, "Wav Hot ", that's a bit of a departure -- a new sound


i love that westside track , the instrumental, sounds soundtracky, like the music before a massive battle in some imaginary london gangster track.
kettle is good as well, just cos it makes little sense and seems to indicate that his girlfriend gets really excited about tea.


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40Hz - Reversed, JonECash - Kamerkazie and Dreddy's - Mash Up are all recent ones that I like.

Diggedy Derek

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Why do they keep rinsing the same sound? They wanna be like hip hop producers I guess- identifiable just from hi-sheen beep (Wiley) or an orchestral stab (DaVinche) or whatever, people year this one sound dominating the airwaves. It's a territorial type thing innit.


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there are some excellent tracks by jon e cash and da black ops, but there are quite a lot of dry releases as well. forward (club mix), bitch (instrumental) and r-ha are probably my favourite tracks.


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jon e cash has been working hard in the scene. used to rinse his tunes on lush fm back in the day and it took him a while to break. think war was the one and i think that was is 16th tune.

some of the recent beats sound a bit rushed. a mate of mine linked him once and came back with like 12-15 tunes. the dude makes alot of tracks.

captain easychord

the black ops records are prolly the best mastered/mixed IMO. they sound soooooo big on a good system. all time fave has got to be the dreddy version of 'invade'.

bad to good tune ratio a little high though...