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Never really got how it would work in a nightclub. Do you just pogo to it or something?

On 1 of only 2 clubbing trips to ldn i ever made i witnessed hipsters doing the most toecurlingly embarrassing attempts at footwork imaginable. Was supposed to be rashads 1st uk appearance but he cancelled and had to endure these nightslugs muppets instead, what a letdown.

Wasnt the dubstep guy who made footcrab on this thread in the early days too?


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ive not listened to much new footwork but relistening to some of it and its quite amazing that a genre made up of so many tracks that sound like a total mess has been adopted so widely (albeit by a minority). a lot of the sampling in footwork is like hip hop in 1986. in fact most of the samples being used are exactly what was being used in 1986. footwork producers should also stop sampling their own vocals as they have boring voices. very boring voices. im now going to go and try and get through some modern footwork to see what i have missed (or see if i am totally wrong and have got the genre wrong all this time, which could be possible, but the number of tracks that sound like the samples were chosen by a 6 year old is quite high).
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100 pages of arguing whether or not DJ Nate was representative enough of footwork-as-scene to have its first intl. distributed LP is pretty fucking stupid. but at least this isn't the deep tech thread