"What the Bleep Do We Know"


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This film apparently has a pretty strong 'underground' following in the USa. "What the Bleep Do We Know"
Here is a reasonably good summary: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0399877/plotsummary

A link, about 700 megs in avi format.

The work of a Dr, Emoto is featured in this film. It claims that by putting words on containers of water you can change the molecules.

In the film there is a description of the implications of quantum physics, giving some really interesting leads to look into. Especially the changing of the water molecules and the story about the Indians in the Caribbean not being able to see Columbus' ships. Probably unprovable but I remember reading a story about hypnosis in which it was shown that if one does not believe something is possible one cannot see it.

The people interviewed are most interesting especially the chiropractor who starts each day by infecting the quantum field. Actually they are all very interesting people.
The transformation of the main character seems a hopelessly hokey to me, I don't like the special effects much and the wedding scene is almost intolerable. Who is the chick that dances in the paint? Oh, we all need one of her!

The workings of the brain are most interesting and somewhat ominous because you can wire yourself to a place that will make it unlikely for you to ever get out of. The idea that your consciousness influences the collective consciousness and even physical things is useful to say the least and the film offers as evidence an experiment done in Washington DC where they claim crime was reduced by collective meditation. Maybe we should try to levitate the Pentagon again.

"Quantum physics allows for the intangible phenomena of freedom to be woven into human nature." That quote alone should make the film irresistible.

A word of warning; Ramtha is associated with this film, but it doesn't bother me, largely because of the other people in the film.


that sounds pretty interesting , i started reading this book called 'mind wide open' by steven johnson which is a guy who goes on a him to find out how all the processes of his brain work, coming across some quite interesting stuff on the way. Easy to read stuff on brain science which isn't totally dumbed down.


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I just ordered the book "Turning Point" by Fritjof Capra to pursue some of these ideas a little further.
About the scientific claims in the film particularly the water changing words I would need a lot more to convince me. Fascinating idea though.

The ultimate reality about some of these ideas would be if they work for you.
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