the aquatic life


simon silverdollar

saw this last night, not really expecting to enjoy it as much as i did, given that almost all the reviews said how 'cold', or 'detached' or 'unemotional' it was. and anderson's last film, 'the royal tenenbaums' did seem really detached to me. but...the life aquatic's great. funny, heartwarming, tragic, almost cathartic. it's a film about solidarity and trying to work out what's gone so wrong in yr life, and never really finding out. it's also incredibly visually beautiful.
it's much, much more than the borderline-autistic dressing-up game that some reviewers have argued.


can't be stopped
Its definitely a great film, i don't think its on par with the last two (particularly not "Rushmore," which might be my favorite film ever? It's up there) but I definiltey thought it was one of the better movies released this year. Bill Murray was incredible of course, and I really wish that it hadn't sort of unwound at the end - it was a bit unsatisfying, whereas w the last two films, the loose ends tied up at the end was immensely :cool:


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DavidD said:
Its definitely a great film, i don't think its on par with the last two (particularly not "Rushmore," which might be my favorite film ever? It's up there)

havent seen this yet, though looking forward to it. yeah, rushmore may possibly be my favourite movie too.... have either of you seen wes's first "bottle rocket" i really want to see that, though know nothing about it.


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'bottle rocket' is grebt and finally on dvd. owen wilson is a total legend. apparently it was meant to be wes anderson's and wilson's take on 'mean streets', but it's not really anything like that. i must see 'teh life aquatic', but i wasn't keen on 'tenenbaums', it seemed a bit hermetic. 'rushmore' i loved.


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sorry chaps, i thought this was the biggest heap of shit i've seen in ages.
some beautiful photography, but viewing it as "piece", rather than a series of lovely shots and a great set, i was massively... no *crushingly* disappointed.
so much so, in fact that when i saw bill murray sitting in a japanese bar waiting for friends (sound familiar?) in the west village that night, i was pretty unimpressed, whereas normally i'd be proper starstruck coz he's on of my heroes and all that.
thirded, fourthed, whatevered on rushmore, though. and bottle rocket is a corker of a movie, too.


can't be stopped
Bottle Rocket is really good, although its not the kind of movie you'd watch and think "this guy is gonna make some great films." It is what it is, a cool and pretty damn funny movie. But yeah, rushmore's where he really took off, and I love Royal T's nearly as much.


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I really liked this, though can see why someone would find it insanely irritating.

Just so many lovely touches, the helmets with the little synth ditties, the gum chewing and suchlike....and the general understatement. But obviously it was all very whimsical and somewhat silly


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saw this in the END.

loved it.

very slow/painful start a bit too self-reflexive, but otherwise wonderful.


Minerva Estassi
Really enjoied it. Bill Murray is a legend. Great cast. Tomorrow i will watch Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaum, on DVD unluckily (I love cinema).


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thought life aquatic was a little boring -
charming, sure, but more than a little underwhelming, given the cast and the hype.
the whole thing seemed like anderson on auto-pilot... luv bill murray and owen wilson to death, but they seemed like they were also playing the same role they have been for the past 5 years...
anjelica huston was great, tho, and the soundtrack (the portuguese bowie covers and the mark mothersbaugh synth-bits) is probably the best in any anderson movie yet...


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i loved it,there were so many funny little touches,the limited edition zissou runners,the shot of him holding up the fish for the whale,etc
the bowie thing was great too,and it looked amazing...