Tory bastards


Honestly, I know it's hopelessly naive to still be asking this question - but what the fuck is wrong with these people? What happened to their humanity?


Anyone (especially Dan) got anything to say about the A-level fiasco and resulting U-turn and the procurement process for this oh-so-popular algorithm.


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Just a bit! Total fucking shambles.
Five months to come up with a plan and they u-turn after five days.
The results they produced on Thursday were accurate as a national picture but on an individual level all over the place. All assessments have methods to assign grades (notice I’m avoiding using the word algorithm because it’s been misused by many and I’m also aware there’s proper maths bods on here) - all forms of assessment are unfair to someone, so what needed to happen was a series of internal checks, tests and consultations to get the least unfair method. Seemingly they ignored all of this.
So instead they botched it, got fucked over by the Scots, the N Irish and the Welsh so they had to follow suit. But...make no mistake this isn’t anymore fair - each school would’ve come up with their own way of coming up with CAGs (centre assessed grades) and I’m sure some have been less than scrupulous whereas others would've relied on the government to play fair.
Then we now have university admissions and a whole other load of unintended consequences which could have all been avoided because as I pointed out at the start THEY HAD FIVE MONTHS TO SORT IT OUT!


Now they're claiming they didn't see the data until the weekend... distancing themselves and backpedaling rapidly after the reverse ferret, not sure that claim makes them look any more competent though.

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The government has done a U-turn, although it was predicted a B-turn in its mocks.


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I don't have anything original to say about it. I've been avoiding my works email because I dare not think about the tsunami of anxiety and bad feeling this has unleashed. I only taught one Yr 13 group last year so I'm not as directly involved. The only thing I can really add is
1) Pretty obviously, the reversal screws University really bad. HE has been on the brink for a while and the contradiction between course numbers and the pressures of the pandemic and social distancing hasn't been thought through (of course, what did you expect?). This U turn throws yet another massive spanner in the works.
2) It's clear this is the most incompetent, dysfunctional govt we've ever had. Can you imagine what Brexit is going to be like?


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LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s trade minister has reclassified recent meetings with a pro-hard Brexit think tank as personal discussions, removing them from the public record and sparking opposition allegations that she wants to conceal their influence on public policy.


Great line in the Guardian today
“[Gavin Williamson]had previously refused to back Collier but later admitted Ofqual was responsible for the climbdown for which he originally took credit.”