Internet Cafes are Weird


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If you get yourself a paypal account Rich then I'd be happy to give something towards it. I quite like the idea of being a patron of the arts. Albeit in a two pound fifty sort of way.


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IdleRich scoping out internet cafes with groucho specs and binoculars in hand - this concept holds great appeal.


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What a great idea mentioned above! I would definitely contribute financially to some sort of record of your visits to various internet cafés, especially if they are similarly documented as they are in this thread.

Seriously though the culture surrounding these places is actually really interesting and overlooked.


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there is one just half a block away from where i live, a dark room behind a small neighborhood shop run by this kurdish family. maybe i should start hanging out there to see what kind of mutants lurk in these Prenzlauer depths...


Hey, thanks for nice comments. Don't worry though, gotta be here anyway to try and get a job or something. Pressure on to find more interesting people now though...


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What's the name of the blog/book then? I'm not coming up with any strokes of genius, but I'm determined to work big cock shemales into there somewhere. Ahem.

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I can see potential for a really lurid Reefer Madness-style exploitation movie about the dangers of being addicted to internet porn when you have no net access at home...


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IdleRich's circumstances reminds me of that film Deep End. someone needs the funds to punch the same vein!


Back in the internet cafe - someone is asleep and snoring really loudly. But I can't see them and I'm not the only one looking around trying to figure out which booth they're hiding in. Maybe it's just a soundfile that someone has left playing.


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One of my friends works at the public library.

She has lots of good internet stories.

The only one I remember is one time a trans dude was browsing youtube videos of skydiving and had hte volume on really loudly


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Nah, I don't think so.

There is a porn vid of a couple having sex while skydiving floating around the internet.


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The (supposedly) first internet cafe in the UK was called Cyberia. I DJ'd ambient and electronic music at the little club they had downstairs (Sub Cyberia) a few times. There were people doing smart drinks, brain machines and shiatsu. Now that's what I call 90s.

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