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I don't think we've already got one of these, but I thought it might be handy to have a rolling thread for potentially interesting stuff on the telly - I don't read the listings that thoroughly and wouldn't want something like a documentary about young avante-garde alpenhorn players coming into conflict with the yodelling establishment (this really exists) to pass me by,

To which end:
wherein Rich Hall starts channelling the spirit of Jonathan Meades and Mark Kermode to talk fast about the depiction of The South in Hollywood films. Up on iPlayer til the weekend.


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good call.

i'm hoping this thread will help me find a graffiti art doc shown on more4 recently.
the bit i saw had wicked old school footage of artists scaling massive buildings in order to tag their work. unable to remember the title :(


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great thread idea. i never check listings and dont' pay for a licence cos i dont' watch 'live' tv much, so i rely on other people to mention interesting stuff, of which i'm sure there is plenty squirelled away on bbc4, hbo and the like.

the film thread is a beast, just got some amazing recs from a 2006 poster last night when sifting through it - a parallel tv thread is ace.


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utterly nuts, the parallel with his prison documentaries was painful... we lock up the weak and different


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"One out of every ten black males will be forced to sit through at least one "Growing Up in the Hood" movie in their lifetime."


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I did like that on the intro bit (the panning shot which turned from day to night) there was a piece of graffiti which said 'SAY NO TO ART FAGS'


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that ricky gervais thing last night just seems to prove he should prob retire now. the whole thing basically amounts to 'HAHA small people HAHA'. the funniest bit was liam neeson. but then thats basically like the extra series. maybe he should stick to writing about celebby stuff.

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There's a Prince documentary on BBC4 at 9.00. Followed by Purple Rain. and then some 80's black music from the BBC archives.


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The second series of The Killing is well worth checking out. Sort of similar to The Wire in that it's expanding it's focus rather than just being a straight-up police and baddies story


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the prince docu was cool to see but pretty formulaic really. just your typical bbc4 hagiography, ticking one box after another. the old bbc omnibus docu they did on prince was much better.

i saw the first 2 killing episodes. it seems a bit easier to predict this time i think, but im sure i will be proved totally wrong.
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