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Deal or No Deal

This programme is sick!

There was a good Paul Morely programme on Roy Lichtenstein last week. Made In Chelsea is good. Scrum V is good. BBC4 show old 1970s episodes of TOTP, they're really good. The Professionals on ITV4 is good, not quite really good, just quite good.


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Borgen on BBC4 last night was pretty good, if you like political dramas. A bit like The Killing without the murders, ie the political bits with Troels and Buch etc (that's a lazy comparison I know, but there you are)


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bit lame, but does anyone like 'the big bang theory'? I think it's the best sitcom in years, although I do like sitcoms, frasier, everybody loves raymond (although the characters wind me up a bit)


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New 'Sherlock' on tonight. The Hound Of The Baskervilles Redux.

I basically saw the whole program (so far) over the last few nights and I love it (apart from the second episode, which dragged a bit). Brilliantly directed/written and constantly entertaining.

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The Joy of Disco - next week on BBC4 - and mentioned here ("More revealing, especially for anyone with the slightest interest in dance music's history, is the appearance of Giorgio Moroder"). Set your recorders.

If not in the UK - there's a three hour Kraftwerk documentary available via dangerousminds (you can download the whole thing if you create a vimeo account).


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just watched first episode of Dead Set. pretty damn good. reality TV studio as the perfect meridian of capitalism and spectacle... that awesome and chilling thrill of the catastrophic Real penetrating fantasy bubble.

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Charlie Brooker's spot on 10 O'Clock Live is just about the best thing on telly right now. His recent stab at the Daily Mail journo's 'I'm too beautiful' fiasco was classic.

Watched a classic Alan Partridge last night; the one where he meets his no.1 fan - reminded me of how great that series was.


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Mo Farah just won a special of The Cube, don't think its even been done before, that was so great


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Did anyone watch Dates on Channel 4? More mainstream than what is usually discussed here (OK, I've only just seen Craner's Dallas post above), but in its own way fabulously weird and overwrought. Some of the acting was shocking, but it somehow didn't seem to matter. Oddly hypnotic. (Note: Please don't tell me what happened in the last episode, haven't seen it yet)


Mechanical phantoms
Luther on BBC on Tuesday was a good solid crime drama, featuring Stringer Bell as the title character. Didn't watch the first two seasons but the third one has gotten off to a decent start

The Americans on ITV on Saturday is also worth a watch if you like cold war spy dramas