Hip-Hop 2012


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well you said it sounded like a wiley beat from 2004 which it doesnt really. but any time mate, any time.


thats a better example of an american artist using grime/dubstep influences. shame about the shit rapping.


this one too. though these are both ancient.

while were talking about this, i always thought drake around the 1.30 mark sounded like dizzee on respect me on dj khaled's im on one.
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It's not that none of those are relevant to our tastes, it's that none of them are new.

On the subject of grime-leaning rap beats, DJ Kenn's beat for Chief Keef's "Glory Boyz" (WHICH IS THE ONLY SONG ON THAT TAPE NOWHERE ON YOUTUBE!!!!) has synths that hit Rapid/"Ghetto Kyote" levels.

New Keef song w/ Riff Raff is pretty good. Keef's gotten loads better as a rapper.

Also, someone make an embargo on Hit-Boy beats.


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So any love for the Future album here yet? I've been slow on the uptake (overload related) but I think it's wicked. Amazing to have seen him gone for Atlanta underground mafiso to autotuned pop sensation, in what like a year? Part of this is the pressues and demands of putting out an album but I'm enjoying this other side to him.


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That's a bit absurd, Future's always had a desire to be an autotune pop sensation.

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/DCpWu_4wpoM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Yo, what do you guys think about this? I'm petrified to think about what I'm going to hear from Soulja on this. Not that he's horrible at carbon-copying but that I won't be able to stand him stealing Keef's 'BANG!' adlib every second....


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dubstep-hip-hop should be something i automatically dislike BUT i like mr bang on's album. what ive heard anyway. i think hes a great british MC. one of the best in fact. even if you dont like his beats and they make you cringe a bit, hes just really good. something about him that isnt that UKHH kind of voice, and isnt the post-grime MC kind of voice either.


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do you think hes shit? cos i thought he was crap at first. but then i thought he was good. now i think hes still a bit ropey as i initially suspected, but i like him anyway. he can flow. and hes from liverpool. best rapper from liverpool since ever?

im going to avoid chief keef btw and wait for the next waka album. which is presumably the only reason for chief keef. for people to bide their time until waka releases something new.