I love memes

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Luke, what's your take on 'meme magic', Pepe/Kek, the 4chan/alt-right overlap and all of that malarkey? A continuum of reactionary occultism that goes back to the 19th century, kids pissing about, or a bit of both? I find it slightly odd that you're so into memes and yet so critical of nerd culture.


Nerds aren't funny therefore nerds can't be responsible for the memes I like. I posted an article about kek on the post truth thread. His view is close to mine really

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
I feel sorry for the guy who created Pepe, who is apparently in no way a Trump/alt-right fan and hates what the little fellow has become a symbol for.


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memes are about the context you put them in. they provide and express a visual and visceral emotional potency in cyberspace; a realm otherwise devoid of these characteristics. communication relies on body language; yet communication technology is devoid of the body, so we simulate the body through memes (the majority of memes are people doing faces, sometimes animals). so posting a meme without any context