Convergence and the Year 2020.


The white hot intensity of convergence will be unlike anything we have ever been involved in
and likewise the reaction of entrenched power will be of a ferocity beyond the scope of our imaginations.

everything is coming to a head. it's almost picking sides time! see you on the other side!


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well, the best hope we have is to actively advocate for the the defeat of the british bourgeoisie in this mass imperialist war.
this includes u big man ingram:x:


Darned cockwombles.
I'd say it has the potential to be a pretty heated year. Might be living in a Conservative Narnia after the UK breaks up, with Trump triumphantly returning to the White House.

There are good possibilities too.


i think you can see the millenial fears manifesting in everything from bodybuilding to home fermenting and pickling.